Jon C Atkins

Name: Jon C Atkins


DOB-DOD: 11/12/1982 – 08/17/2020


Branch of Service: Army


Dates of Service: 11/14/2002 – 11/27/2017


Dog Tag #: 04-2023-01


CW3 Jon C. Atkins. Joined the Army on November 2002 as an artillery man, to later gratuate flight school and become a AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot and complete his carrer as an Instructor Pilot on November 2017. During his carrer he deployed 4 times to; Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. Jon, did not die overseas. Jon came home, with him came demons, that became his own war at home. Demons that faded his life as he knew it before, he fought them and he fight them with bravery. Jon is 1000’s of soldiers, Jon is 22 a day. Jon died a soldier a brave, honorable soldier.


Post Service Memorials:

Jon is a man of love and giving. he loved his family, his 3 sons, friends and peers. He always gave of himself selflessly, in death he gave through the gift of organ donation. He is a ray of light that brightens our lives still.

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