Our Whiskeys & Spirits


Friendly Fire is a complex, full bodied white dog whiskey. A perfectly balanced malted grain based spirit, we use only locally sourced Colorado grains, which we malt and distill 100% in-house with a full heart. With every drop, we hope it brings you closer to your friends and closer to the service members we support. Every one is mellowed for 22 days before bottling in solidarity with our veterans while bringing awareness to suicide prevention effort across the country. United we are stronger.

Colorado Grown Grain

Graced with clear waters and luminous sunshine, the farms across the plains wave with the pure golden grains we source for a perfect blend of our all-grain handcrafted Colorado whiskey recipes to create our unique Friendly Fire spirits.

From the fields to our Colorado craft distillery, we malt and distill our grains 100% in-house, with the idea that every drop of our clear, white dog whiskey should carry the full taste of the grains, and the pride we take in offering this local craft spirit from Colorado to you.

Attention to detail

We don’t take anything for granted when we distill this fine spirit. From the water and the grains to the label and the spirit that fills the bottle, we raise the bar on what defines a handcrafted spirit. Our Fort Collins craft distillery sources local grains and does all the processes in-house to ensure we have complete control to offer what we think is one of the best handcrafted spirits from Colorado on the market.

Pure Rocky Mountain Water

Snowmelt from mountain peaks that rise 14,000 feet and higher into the clear blue sky above Colorado—you won’t find more pristine waters, and you can taste that purity in every bottle of Friendly Fire, our unique, handcrafted Colorado whiskey with a flavor all its own. We distill this fine spirit with great intention, with a hope to make an impact.