Dedication to Service


With every bottle from our Colorado whiskey distillery, we take great care to create this unique, clear grain spirit in all its aspects: the distillation, the crisp appearance, the name, the dog tags, the mellowing time, being an organization supporting a veteran nonprofit, the taste. We want everything that goes into this fine spirit to make an impact and to reflect our dedication and support our service members the best we can.

William Bonini

Sgt Ken Vangiessen

CW3 Jon C Atkins

William Swanson

Stephen Keesler

Jack Limon Singers

Dick Gries

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A short story, memories, or whatever you wish to say

Talk a little about what causes have been supported in their memory, what life was like after they finished their tour of duty, or how they or the family have continued the memory of their service.

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Friendly Fire is built around the foundation that we, as a community, can make great impacts on each other’s lives when we collectively lift one another up. As an American whiskey distillery, we are privileged to be an organization supporting veteran nonprofits. Therefore, it’s our great honor to do our part in this mission and commemorate those who served our nation when called to do so. Here is a small glimpse into who those veterans are. We salute your service.