Our Story


We believe certain processes and values must go into creating truly handcrafted and exceptional products, and we raise the bar for spirits across the board. Our whiskey distillery does it with superior flavors and a conscious product that supports humanity. From ‘seed to spirit’ we are redefining true handcrafted distilling with our aged and white dog whiskey. Join us on the journey!



We’ve embarked on a meticulous journey to create unique flavors and grain bills that redefine how handcrafted Colorado spirits are produced. By keeping grain cultivation close to our whiskey distillery in Colorado, we support local farmers and develop specific grain varieties that create flavor profiles highlighted in every drop of our white dog whiskey. Our grains are in-house malted before open fermenting. We twice distill our spirits in traditional pot stills before mellowing and resting. Every bottle exemplifies our dedication to our craft and commitment to customers; never outsourced or white labeled, we sell what we produce from ‘Seed to Spirit.’

In-house malted Colorado Grown Grains

We want to do everything in-house, and we want to be the ones who do it. By taking control of all the processes that go into making our Friendly Fire Colorado whiskey, you can be confident that you’re getting a truly handcrafted spirit from Seed to Spirit, while honoring and supporting our U.S. servicemen and women.

Dedicated to Our Veterans

Friendly Fire whiskey is designed specifically to honor our veterans who have served our great nation. We want our spirits to have an impact that creates a beacon of light for those trapped in darkness and a source of bringing friends together to share stories and love.