Friendly Fire is full bodied Colorado whiskey that we malt and distill in-house with a full heart at our craft distillery here in Fort Collins, CO. This is a whiskey brand and product that supports veterans. We donate a portion of every bottle to our Semper Fi & America’s Fund nonprofit partners in support of their mission to support our troops across all branches of service.



Full Bodied

This full body, rich, and complex spirit showcases the depth in each grain used. An authentic whiskey has all the flavor of its aged counterpart with a spicy, bold, young essence. Our Colorado whiskey is distilled like it was on the ‘backside’ for generations.

Dedication to Service

We salute those who have honorably served the United States, 22 service members will be acknowledged annually. We are committed to carrying their legacy on.

Get Involved

By working together, we can bring awareness to the personal struggles some veterans face after bravely serving our country.

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It’s Time for a new Shine

You can drop by our tasting room or you can secure yourself a bottle (or two) of our Friendly Fire spirits from our sales outlets.

Every day, an average of 22 soldiers commit suicide, and in their honor we rest each batch of our Colorado whiskey for 22 days before bottling. The health and wellness of all our fellow Americans is of the utmost importance to us. If you have an alcohol addiction or suffer from depression, please seek support through our friends at Semper Fi & America’s Fund. They are here to help.

Traditional Pot Still

Made From Seed to Spirit

Whole grains from local farms to our craft distillery, then malted and distilled in-house in copper alembic stills—our proprietary recipes are made to raise the bar on handcrafted spirits, including our Colorado whiskey.